Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday – March 28th, 2010


Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29 • Luke 19:28-40


Palm Sunday is a reminder, on the eve of Holy Week, that the Kingdom of God is here!  The Kingdom of God is among us! Imagine this event – here comes the son of a carpenter, riding a colt – and having Hosannas shouted at him! What an amazing scene. And, it is not just that they are proclaiming Hosanna – with this declaration they are also proclaiming the coming of the Kingdom. It is named here a couple of ways – the one who comes in the name of the Lord, the coming kingdom of our ancestor David. They are singing the praises of the fulfillment of God’s promises!

This marks the turn of what this whole season means – what we have been preparing our hearts and minds for. That the coming of God’s kingdom is marked by our own inability to overcome the brokenness of the relationships of this world – to such an extent that Christ is crucified. But this week, this week – God is here!  God has fulfilled the promise of the coming of the kingdom. It is now ours to live into. So much of our Lenten reflection has led up to this point – reminding us that the promises of God are not empty – they are fulfilled. But our faith in their being fulfilled does not rid us of work to do. Indeed – it means there is much to do.

We are called to live into restorative relationships the same way Jesus Christ did in this world. To bring the world around us into right relationship with God. This is what the kingdom is – God coming to be in this world, to live in relationship with it. And as the church, we are called to embody that. In the decisions we make, in the work we support, from feeding the hungry, to working to alleviate poverty, to provide shelter for those without homes. And, yes, to work to provide adequate water and sanitation to those who lack it. These are marks of the Kingdom – in much the same way that Christ riding in on a donkey, having Hosannas shouted his way, was.


  1. What Hosannas are you shouting on this Palm Sunday? What marks of the Kingdom do you see around you?
  2. In what ways can you participate in the continued building of that Kingdom? In what way can your life, and your decisions, be that kind of mark?


Find a reason to cry out Hosanna this week. Look around you, and see Christ riding into your life. And then be that mark for others – live out that promise, and build the kingdom. Getting involved with an organization to your right is an excellent way to do that.

Continue to work through the Significant Sacrifice series.

By Jordan Blevins


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