Holy Week

Holy Week– March 22nd -March 28th, 2010


Isaiah 50:4-9a  •  Psalm 31:9-16  •  Philippians 2:5-11  •  Luke 22:14-23:56 or Luke 23:1-49

Maundy Thursday – Luke 22:14-62


Do you know Jesus today? Would you claim the face of Jesus as it surrounds you? What jumps out at me from this story is that, as Jesus breaks bread and serves wine with the call to remember him, Peter immediately goes out and denies ever knowing him. As we share in the bread and cup of communion, and remember this Last Supper, do we know Christ in the world around us today?

Christ is there, in the faces and lives of those impoverished throughout the world, those struggling to live on the margins – those struggling to get by without access to clean water and adequate sanitation that would provide them with the basic necessities of living a healthy life. The call in the act of taking the bread and the cup is to remember the death of Jesus that is to come – but to also remember who Jesus was, what Jesus did, and to respond. To live our lives responding to the call to care for the least of these, and those living in poverty throughout the world.

Jesus declares this Passover meal is the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God. We are called to live our lives seeking to serve Christ in all that we do. So, take, and eat. And take, and drink. And live lives that are remembrances. Know that Christ is in this world, and serve.


  1. Look around your community, right outside our church. Where do you see the body of Christ, broken?
  2. Look around the world  – where do you see the blood of Christ being poured out?  Would you recognize and claim Christ in our world today?


Hold these questions and reflection in your heart as you move to Good Friday. And remember.

Good Friday – Luke 22:63-23:56


Does Jesus stir you up? As you remember his walk with the Cross, and his death upon it, are you stirred up?  That is the charge of Priests and Scribes – that Jesus causes a stir wherever he goes. Which he should still be doing today. This is a day of remembering – remembering that because we were unable to see, unable to live in right relationship with God’s Planet and God’s People, that Jesus died upon the Cross. But it is also a day that is a call to action – a day to remember that we should be stirred up by the life and witness of Jesus Christ.

Jesus dies in order to restore us to right relationship – so that we may live in the fullness of the Kingdom. The question to sit with today is whether or not we are doing that? Are we living in a way that the Kingdom of God gets revealed with the actions that we take? In a way that the Kingdom of God is being called into being more and more everyday? In the kind of relationality that should mean in this world of abundance, there should be none without access to clean water, and adequate sanitation? The stories and numbers from the world hold all the answer that we need.

On this Good Friday, Jesus is crucified once again. And once again we are called back into right relationship – to live so that others may live. Examine your life on this Good Friday, and seek the Kingdom of God in the world around you.


  1. Where do relationships continue to be broken in our world? What can you do to live in a more Kingdom centered way?
  2. What is the call of our faith in Christ crucified in response to the fact that there are still those in the world who thirst?


Prepare yourself for the resurrection. For the restoration of relationship. Be ready to act out of that reality.

Easter Sunday – Philippians 2:5-11


What a day of celebration!  Friends, look around you. Do you see the risen Christ?  Look to the glorious Creation around you, and feel it sing out with the presence of Christ. He is here, walking and moving among us! Do you feel, as Paul calls you to, that you are of the same mind as this Christ?

That is the challenge, and the call, of Easter Sunday.  Celebrate, friends, but then understand that this day of resurrection is a day of action! A day of calling to follow, to be of the same mind of Christ, and thus of God, in the way we relate to the rest of Creation around us. The stone has been rolled away, the tomb is empty. And we are freed to live in the wonderful relationality of God. This means that we are called to live differently in light of the resurrection. We are called to live in more intentional relationship with the rest of the world around us. Which means responding to the needs of that world – restoring the waters, and providing clean water and sanitation to those in need.

So, answer the call. Follow the example of Christ. Live in such a way that you, “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”


  1. What does it mean in our world today to live with same mind as Christ?
  2. What kind of call does the resurrected Christ have on our lives, and how does that impact your response to the global water crisis?


Let this be only the beginning – the beginning of a new way of living, of engaging in a new kind of relationality with the world around you. Keep the relationships with the organizations and people you have built, and work to transform your world.

By Jordan Blevins


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