5th Sunday in Lent

5th Sunday in Lent – March 21st, 2010


5th Sunday in Lent

Isaiah 43:16-21 • Psalm 126 • Philippians 3:4b-14 • John 12:1-8


We believe we can transform this world through faith. Because of our faith in God, who we know through Jesus Christ, we know that far greater things are possible than we could possibly imagine. We believe in ways through the wilderness and rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43), that those who go out to sow seed will return with its fruits (Psalm 126), and of resurrection from the dead (Philippians 3 and John 12). We believe in all of these things because we believe in the power of God to use us to transform the world around us.

But this is not a faith that just stands around, and relishes in what God can do. It is a faith that joins God in doing the work, in seeking transformation. Of being so blown away by the way life has been moved that we can’t help but jump in and bring this kind of transformation to everyone we come into contact with. It is a faith that declares God’s praise (Isaiah 43), that rejoices in what the LORD has done (Psalm 126), that relishes in the gift of eternal life (Philippians 3), and that anoints Jesus feet (John 12).

In light of the plight of millions throughout the world struggling with the global water crisis – struggling to have clean water to drink, and adequate sanitation and hygiene, how are we to proclaim the transformation inherent in knowing God?  I suggest that the question should be, whose feet should we be anointing?  Who should we be bowing down to serve? Jesus reminds us that the poor will always be with us – and it is in the poor that we find the face of God. The face of those crying out to be anointed. To be served.

Look out at the world around you – where do you see the need to work for transformation?  Do you see the feet of Christ, sitting in front of you, waiting to be anointed? In Jesus Christ, whose feet Mary anointed, God did a new thing. God brought a way in the wilderness and streams to the desert. Have the faith to see this new way – and work to bring its transformation into the world around you.


  1. What kind of transformation do you witness to through the power of God in the world around you?
  2. What do you see that transformation calling you to do?


Attempt to eat at home every day this week. With the money you save, contribute to ending the global water crisis by getting involved with one of the organizations listed on the right.

Continue to work through the Significant Sacrifice series.

By Jordan Blevins


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